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Another athlete disrespects the office of the presidency

I see we have another sports figure who can’t keep out of politics. All Lindsey Vonn has to do is represent this country, ski in the Olympics and keep her mouth shut. But I guess that was too much for her. She had to point out that she was skiing for the United States and not Donald Trump.

Well, I have news for Ms. Vonn. President Trump is the elected leader of these United States. Every American in the Olympics represents the United States, not an individual. I don’t care about Ms. Vonn’s political views, but the presidency deserves respect no matter who is in office. When you disrespect the office, you disrespect the nation.

I didn’t care for or vote for Barack Obama, but I did respect what he stood for … our United States. If I had the privilege of being invited to the White House under his administration, I would have gone without hesitation out of respect for who and what he represented. So next time Ms. Vonn wants to make a fool of herself, she should remember how this comes across to the Americans she hopes to represent. Words have consequences.

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