Another good ol’ boy deal for Walters

To the editor:

In response to your Thursday report, “Group wants to scrap golf course deal”:

The proposed changes in Bill Walters’ 99-year lease for Bali Hai Golf Club will be considered by the Clark County Commission on Tuesday. “A revamped lease would allow Mr. Walters to pay $100,000 a year in rent and perhaps one day convert the Strip site into a giant retail, office and warehouse complex,” Scott Wyland wrote. The fixed yearly rent would replace the profit sharing lease that exists.

According to Mike Luce, president of The Walters Group, the economic downturn and a decline in the golfing industry has made it difficult for the course to turn a profit. So now they want to enter into a revised lease at a rate that reflects the bad economy, but of course probably still retain the 99-year lease.

“The lease reflects (property) values today,” analyst Jeremy Aguero said of the proposal.

As the economy recovers and property values rise, would that rent rise proportionately? This looks like another good ol’ boy deal in the making.

If you are concerned the taxpayers are again getting hosed, please feel free to contact your commissioner.



It’s good to be poor

To the editor:

I was interested in your Aug. 4 editorial on the findings of the Heritage Foundation’s study of poverty in America. Poverty is apparently no barrier to the good life. Here are some further statistical shockers:

— More than half (63 percent) of those in poverty are “extremely happy” with their lot in life. The remainder are somewhere between “happy” and “not unhappy.”

— A sizable percentage (59 percent) of those in poverty have hidden assets that run into six figures. At least 41 percent have offshore accounts that exceed their domestic holdings.

— Thirty-seven percent of food stamp recipients have actually enrolled their children in Ivy League schools.

— More than half of those in poverty (53 percent) list the Mediterranean and South Sea islands at the top of their “must see” lists.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

Where did I get these stats? I made them up.



Constant mutiny

To the editor:

Wayne P. Brotherton Sr., in his Thursday letter, wrote that President Obama alone bears the burden for the problems the United States faces today: “for he is much as the captain of a sinking ship — he is totally responsible.”

While I agree that the captain of a ship holds full responsibility, he also holds unequivocal jurisdiction over his vessel. He is in total control at all times, and his orders may not be questioned, challenged or disobeyed.

President Obama, on the other hand, has to deal with more than 500 ninnies in Congress, all of whom challenge him on a daily basis, and all of whom want control of the same ship. For many of these people, the only response they are willing to give their captain is “No.”

President Obama may be at the helm, but it is the ill wind of Congress that keeps this ship from being on the proper course.

Annemarie Kubicek

Las Vegas

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