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Anti Yucca crowd embraces hyperbole, scare tactics

I read that Gov. Brian Sandoval went to D.C. to deter funding for Yucca Mountain. This concern over nuclear waste is ludicrous.

The media and politicians have spread gross misinformation, greatly exaggerating concern and fear over nuclear waste storage. If a barrel of uranium waste were dumped on the ground at Yucca Mountain, the radiation wouldn’t affect anyone as close as 100 yards. Radioactive material has seeped into ground water at the former test site thanks to past nuclear explosions, but it doesn’t pose a danger. Nuclear fuel and waste have traveled around the country for 60 years without a spill.

All you worrywarts in Las Vegas can rest easy. If nuclear waste is stored at Yucca Mountain, you won’t be affected, glow in the dark or drink radioactive water.

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