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Arrogant, ignorant generation may doom the country

The United States now has a new enemy within, and they are the millennials (“Capitalism doomed? Majority of millennials reject system,” April 27 Review-Journal). They are in a deep state of torpor, living their lives through the absurd wisdom of social media. They attend schools and colleges, but emerge as know-nothings who believe they know it all. They don’t like capitalism, and intend to vote — if they can — for socialism.

Millennials are clueless and their time to run this country is coming. God help us. It is sad to see the true American “greatest generation” — World War II Americans — fade away. But it is a blessing that they will not live to see what this arrogant and ignorant generation will do to us.

I don’t know what they really want — and I believe they don’t, either. I blame the media, the parents and the schools. Of course, not all millennials are hopeless — just a majority of them.

O.T. Neal

Boulder City

Role model

Henderson Judge Diana Hampton was indeed a role model and she had my deepest respect and admiration.

While I never had the privilege of knowing her personally, I did know of her and felt she was more than qualified to be a judge. She may not have had all the academic accolades of others holding similar positions, but she more than made up for it with her hard work and life experiences. This spoke volumes as to her strength of character and the person she became.

Thank you, Diana Hampton, for your service to the community. My only regret is that you left us far too soon.

Marty Sekulski


Drying up

The Review-Journal’s April 27 front page showed the pathetic situation at Echo Bay as Lake Mead’s water level continues its downward spiral. And a few pages inside, I see the grand announcement that the BLM has just sold $94 million of Clark County land to real estate developers.

Even though Las Vegas may be one of the first American cities to succumb to climate change, our leaders continue to stick their heads in the desert sand and pretend all will be OK. Even more diabolical is the fact that it is public land — my land — being sold for development, which will only put more stress on an unsustainable resource.

The article even quoted Sen. Harry Reid as saying that we were asking a lot from a little river that his dad used to swim across. And those were the good times. Sen. Reid may have forgotten another quote that I am sure his dad told him: You never miss the water until the well runs dry.

Jim Longwell


Money grab

I am an Uber driver who has driven for about two months. I was shocked and disappointed to see Uber is reducing rates and cutting my pay at the same time (“Uber drops price to drive up volume,” April 28 Review-Journal). Uber would have you believe this move is benefiting the drivers. But nothing could be further from the truth.

I can see this only as a “money grab” by Uber executives who are driven by the need to feed their greed.

Albin Raety

Las Vegas

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