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At least with hookers, you know what you’re getting

To the editor:

Our senior senator wants to do away with brothels and put even more people out of work (“Silence greets Reid plan to ban brothels,” Wednesday Review-Journal). He also wants to do away with term limits so all the fine leaders who got us to where we are today can come back and do it again.

With the ladies you know what you are getting, and you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about politicians who have sold us out to special interests and big money for years.

Apparently it’s not so much that Sen. Reid’s against prostitution — he just wants to pick the players.

Peter Watson

Las Vegas

Get a life

To the editor:

I find it sad that all Sen. Harry Reid has to worry about is the 24 brothels located in a few counties in the far reaches of Nevada. Clark County does not have brothels, but we do have far more than the 9 percent unemployment that the current administration wants us to believe the national rate to be. I guess that is why we have several women on the Strip engaging in illegal prostitution.

We do have more than 75 percent of the current home mortgages in the valley upside down and/or being foreclosed on. I guess that is why we have so many homeless people pushing stolen shopping carts on the streets filled with everything they own.

Then Sen. Reid tells a group of reporters who questioned his rhetoric to get a new life and think about something important? How about if Sen. Reid gets a new life and thinks about something important?

It is definitely not important to think about destroying the jobs of about 1,250 citizens who are working in a completely legal industry.

John Harold

Las Vegas

In competition

To the editor:

It is my understanding that Rep. Ron Paul has a sign in his office that tells us we should not steal because the government hates the competition.

Do you suppose that Sen. Harry Reid feels he has the same problem with regard to legal brothels?

Al Hill

Las Vegas

Foolish senator

To the editor:

I totally agree with Steve Sebelius’ Wednesday column. Nevada has the worst school system in the country, veterans are living on the streets and too many of its residents are out of work. Yet Harry Reid wants to abolish legal, tax-revenue producing brothels?

Corporations move to Nevada because they care about their bottom line, not people who happen to make their living on their backs. Our favorable tax environment, available land and accessible work force are much more important considerations.

And why is Sen. Reid being influenced by outsiders anyway, instead of the Nevadans he is supposed to represent? If we only had term limits, Harry Reid would not be around to look so foolish.

Sharon Sheldon

Las Vegas


To the editor:

In response to Sen. Harry Reid’s comments about legalized prostitution keeping businesses out of Nevada:

All that I can say is “Wow.” The senator really nailed it. It is not the fact that we are one of the dumbest states in the union with one of the least-educated work forces in the country. It is not the fact that our education system from preschool up through college ranks near the bottom of the country by any measure. It is not the fact that the answer to the question “Where do you go for first-rate medical care in Las Vegas?” is McCarran International Airport. And surely it is not the fact that we are the only jurisdiction in the country where the gaming tax is less than the sales tax rate.

No. None of these facts is pertinent to why companies do not move here.

Instead, according to Sen. Reid, companies do not move here because their employees would be able to drive more than 100 miles round-trip to be able to legally pay someone to have sex.

Again, all I can say is, “Wow.”

Doug Nusbaum

Las Vegas

Hurt the rurals

To the editor:

Sen. Harry Reid has done more than enough to ruin our economy, and now he wants to take more jobs away by closing the brothels? Thanks to Sen. Reid we already have the highest unemployment and the highest foreclosure rate — and he is still not satisfied?

We know Sen. Reid is out to hurt us in the rural counties because we didn’t vote for him — and still would not today.

Go back to the Senate, Sen. Reid, and do the right thing for your overblown budget. We don’t need your words of wisdom. Not that you really have any we are interested in anymore.

Philip Raneri


Union girls?

To the editor:

Although Sen. Harry Reid is critical of legalized prostitution in Nevada, he should take a lesson in finance from it. After all, legalized prostitution is not facing bankruptcy, which is more than Sen. Reid can say of his organization. Perhaps if prostitution were unionized, Sen. Reid would be more receptive to it.

Gerry Lock

Las Vegas

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