Behavior on local roadways reflects country’s decline

To the editor:

I honestly don’t know if it is just inconsideration or just ignorance, but one thing is sure: There are drivers on the Southern Nevada roadways who are an impediment to the flow of traffic.

What possesses someone – at a light that then turns green, with a line of traffic behind him – to get out of the driver’s seat to look at the side of his car, then nonchalantly get back in and proceed on down the road as if nothing happened?

Why does someone change lanes into the left (fast) lane and then slow down to 10 mph under the posted speed limit?

Why do people continue to talk on their cell phones while stopped at a light and be distracted to the point that they hold back traffic when the light turns green?

Are these examples a reflection of our society? Is this just the folks not caring about their fellow citizens? Is this just a lack of training on the rules of the road? Or is this a reflection of our attitudes about life in general?

With the economy flat, at best, unemployment at levels not seen since the Carter administration, and inflation eating up what income we are able to scrape together, is it any wonder folks are so distracted that they just don’t get it?

I think we can look at the traffic flow the same way that our economy is going. Some folks care only about themselves and couldn’t care less about the rest of us. Inconsiderate drivers and our trusted elected officials are mirror images of each other.

Just a little humor? Or is it? You decide. And please remember that when driving on the freeways, it’s the one on the right – the gas pedal, not the brake pedal. And when you go to vote in November, remember it’s the one who is willing to do something about the sorry state of affairs in this land that I love and hold so dear to my heart.

Nicholas P. Gartner


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