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Beware of the unhinged political left

It is finally over. Judge Brett Kavanaugh is Justice Kavanaugh. The bullying, harassment, shaming, screaming and wild accusations of the unhinged left didn’t work. But what this tells us is extremely important. These people should never, ever be allowed to hold any positions of power in our society.

Think about this: If the prosecutor in your district is an irrational zealot such as Kirsten Gillibrand or Jacky Rosen, do you believe an unsubstantiated allegation won’t result in a criminal charge? Do you believe that these zealots, if they take control of the legal process, will tell women who make unsubstantiated claims they won’t file charges? Our fathers, brothers, sons — and mothers — should be terrified of such a prospect.

One of those progressive protesters who doesn’t believe in due process could be that future prosecutor if the left takes charge. If that doesn’t send shivers down the spine of every Nevadan who steps into the ballot box, nothing will.

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