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Bin Laden’s death a big setback for jihadists

To the editor:

Osama bin Laden’s keen, unique and riveting brand of jihad was a source of inspiration to radical Islamists everywhere. His sudden demise will be a certain psychological blow to the radical jihadist movement.

Notwithstanding bin Laden’s sudden death, terrorism survives, and the forces which oppose and seek to destroy Western civilization live on. But this event is a definite setback to radical jihadists throughout the globe. Because if bin Laden was anything in his final days, he was a vibrant source of cultural and philosophical inspiration to the radical jihadist movement and the embodiment of the movement’s cultural ideals.

In the final analysis, bin Laden is now a martyr for the cause of Islamic extremism, but in spite of this fact he will not plot one more devastating death blow to freedom-loving people on this earth.

Bob Jack

North Las Vegas

Student protest

To the editor:

The Clark County School District is funded based on attendance.

According to the Review-Journal, more than 300 high school students protested proposed budget cuts Friday by walking the Strip. They probably lowered their student bodies’ collective IQ to about 80 — the smart ones cheated the school district and at the same time took a day off, period.

Of the protesters, 95 percent can’t vote, and probably none of them pay taxes, but in one report, one of the students was quoted as saying, “We don’t care where the money comes from, we just need it.” OK, kid, go back to your video game and your cell phone.

I don’t want to spend my tax dollars listening to such drivel. When I protest, I have to take time off from my work.

Tom Ward


Enemy of Medicare

To the editor:

Rep. Shelley Berkley’s attacks on Rep. Dean Heller, her 2012 opponent in the race for the U.S. Senate, are beyond ridiculous (“Berkley tries to paint Heller as enemy of seniors, Medicare,” Saturday Review-Journal).

Rep. Berkley claims that Rep. Heller, who will be sworn in as a senator next week, and other Republicans “are trying to destroy Medicare.” In truth, the destruction of Medicare is exactly what Rep. Berkley voted for when she cast a “yes” vote for health care “reform,” also known as ObamaCare.

With this bill, Rep. Berkley voted to cut more than half a trillion dollars over 10 years from Medicare in order to expand Medicaid and other social welfare programs. Contrary to what the Obama administration claims, Medicare is not being saved; it is actually being bled dry.

As if her vote to slash Medicare funding weren’t bad enough, Berkley likewise voted for ObamaCare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), an unelected group of bureaucrats whose mission is to make further cuts in Medicare costs, inevitably leading to substandard care for seniors.

While I am not yet of Medicare age, in my own experience, I’ve been to specialists who accept my private health insurance but won’t accept Medicare because of the low payments they would receive. I shudder to think how few physicians will be willing to treat Medicare patients by the time I become Medicare-eligible, thanks to IPAB’s cost-cutting measures.

And then there’s the issue of which treatments IPAB will allow and which they will deem “unnecessary.”

We can’t allow ourselves to be lulled into thinking Medicare will continue as it is today under ObamaCare; nothing could be further from the truth. Under ObamaCare, which Rep. Berkley defends and supports, Medicare will undoubtedly be decimated.

Ellen Shaw


More teacher bashing

To the editor:

The headline for your April 30 story about the man who opened fire on the “Repo Games” crew on April 26 makes a point that the accused is a schoolteacher (“Schoolteacher arrested, faces several charges”).

Had he been an electrician, would the headline have stated the man’s occupation? I seriously doubt it. It’s business as usual at the Review-Journal, never missing an opportunity to cast an aura of suspicion on teachers.

For years, your newspaper has gone out of its way to perpetuate a public perception of distrust of teachers and other school employees. As a result of this policy, you have contributed to the increasing lack of respect for education, and especially for teachers. I wonder, have you ever considered the powerfully positive influence you could have on promoting public and parental support for schools, and how abandoning your negative editorial policy might actually contribute to enhancing student achievement?

While the primary responsibility for educating students is in the hands of teachers, successfully educating children requires a positive community effort, highly dependent upon a partnership and a spirit of cooperation between parents, our schools, politicians, and yes, the media. The Review-Journal and other media outlets have incredible power that can be used to foster this partnership and make a positive difference for kids.

It’s unfortunate that you have decided that never missing an opportunity to cast a shadow of doubt on teachers is your favored contribution to the education of our children. Shame on you!

Brad Truax

Las Vegas

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