Blame illegal immigration for district woes

To the editor:

There was a lot of space in Sunday’s newspaper dedicated to the problems of English Language Learners in the Clark County School District (“Learning Curve”). Unfortunately, the article addressed the effect of the problem and not the root cause, which is of course illegal immigration.

If the Clark County School District would address the root cause, maybe meaningful solutions could be found. But addressing illegal immigration and the cost to the taxpayer puts the district between a rock and a hard place.

The liberal school administrators and the teacher union won’t address the effects of illegal immigration because they are hoping all the illegals will be granted amnesty, be given citizenship and then vote for the Democratic Party. They really do not care about the burden placed upon the taxpayers — they care only for perpetuating the status quo. It’s almost like insanity — getting all worked up to find new solutions but still achieving the same results.

I don’t know all the solutions to the problem, but as a start I think legislation should be passed to deny free education to children who are here illegally and to seize the assets of all those who are here illegally and use the proceeds to pay for the deportation costs. Oh, and by the way, legal immigrants have to pass a citizenship test in English to become citizens.

Doug Farmer

Las Vegas

Police beating

To the editor:

Judging from Mitchell Crooks’ recent experience, we do not have a Police Department, but rather a Thugs Department operating in Clark County (“Video shows LV man’s arrest,” Saturday Review-Journal). It gives one pause when considering whether to seek the aid of law enforcement or exercise your rights in their presence.

This is, pure and simple, an abuse of authority, and those who practice such behavior should be relieved of duty.

Steven Smith

Las Vegas

Slot jobs

To the editor:

In response to Bryce Lee’s Saturday letter concerning Dotty’s:

Mr. Lee feels the County Commission is killing jobs by throttling the growth of Dotty’s slot arcades. He feels that if Dotty’s continues to grow, more jobs will be created.

This is simply not true.

If the Dotty’s business model continues to thrive, existing bars and taverns would have no choice but to convert to that style. That means cooks, servers, bussers, greeters and managers of many existing bars would be out of work.

I personally believe that a successful business should be left alone. It’s obviously providing a service that is in demand. But while I believe it’s wrong, the county move actually saves jobs. As a bartender, I believe I know a tad about this particular issue.

Mike Measday

Las Vegas

Good Easter

To the editor:

It was a great pleasure to open the Viewpoints section of the Review-Journal on Easter morning and find the uplifting “A reflection on faith in Southern Nevada,” by Bishop Joseph Pepe. In a world that seems to thrive on chaos and disaster, the reflection on what is good in the world is a welcome change.

Could this same type of article be published maybe once a month just as a reminder that there is more to the world and to living than disaster and the bad behavior politicians or movie stars?

Thank you for making this Easter just a little better.

Michael Dunegan

Las Vegas

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