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Blaming the NRA won’t fix any problems

Apparently, several local sheriff’s deputies waited outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while a shooter gunned down multiple people, killing 17. Last week on CNN, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel amazingly blamed the NRA. Why doesn’t this sheriff have the guts to stand up and address the total failure of his own department?

Let’s take a look at another unprotected gun-free zone: Chicago. What do they look like so far this year? Shot and killed: 66. Shot and wounded: 274, Total shot: 340, Total homicides: 78. (You can be sure those numbers have gone up since I wrote this.)

It appears that some neighborhoods in Chicago are very similar to Broward County, Fla.: soft on crime and, if something does happen, the authorities will show up after the fact. And how do they propose to fix this problem? Blame the NRA.

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