BO knows hoops and hops, not taxes and terror

To the editor:

President Barack Obama knew every detail about Trayvon Martin’s death and spoke publicly about this very important issue. He knew every detail of March Madness basketball bracketing, the favorites and the dogs, and spoke publicly about this very important issue. He sat down for beers to mediate a neighborhood police matter.

But he knows nothing of “Fast and Furious” gun deals and deaths, the IRS targeting Americans who don’t support him, a terrorist attack in Benghazi resulting in dead Americans or the Justice Department acquiring Associated Press phone records.

Ignorance, targeting political enemies and incessant blame can only be a crutch for so long. The world is watching — and Richard Nixon is giggling.



Almost California?

To the editor:

Our lawmakers have been in session in Carson City since Feb. 4. They’ve wasted all this time on tax proposals, even though they knew Gov. Brian Sandoval would veto any new taxes.

We voted for these people to improve Nevada, but they have completely ignored Nevada’s biggest problem: jobs.

What planet do our representatives live on? How could they even think they can squeeze more money out of citizens who still are unemployed, have lost their homes or are hanging on by their fingernails? When you overtax like California did, the state becomes unaffordable and people leave. When people can only find part-time or minimum wage employment, they leave. When people leave a state, then there is no one to pay taxes.

Nevada should be more than just construction and gaming. Why didn’t our representatives even address options to entice solid industry and technology companies that would actually create permanent employment? What exactly have they accomplished to improve Nevada in the three-plus months in Carson City? Why should we vote for them again?




To the editor:

If it’s “patient dumping” when the mentally ill are sent to other states, why isn’t somebody accusing Mexico of “citizen dumping”?



English learners

To the editor:

I’m tired of hearing about how much more money should be spent to teach English (“Closing schools’ achievement gap,” Sunday Viewpoints commentary). I don’t want my tax money going toward this because these kids’ parents aren’t teaching them at home.

How about learning English themselves? I think the parents should be fined for not being responsible for the children they chose to bring into this world. If they’re not helping them, then why should I?



Teacher heroes

To the editor:

As the husband of a proud and passionate schoolteacher, it pains me to read the editorials and op-eds that rail on teachers and their union as the root causes of our foundering education system in Nevada.

When I see a teacher in the news for heroically protecting her students from a tornado or making the ultimate sacrifice, shielding their charges from a madman’s bullets with their own bodies, I can’t help but think how shameful it is that we disrespect their dedication and commitment to protecting and improving society.

My wife chose to work at a Title I school to help kids with the highest needs, and even though she hasn’t received a raise in four years, I have to respect her for sticking with it because her future students would miss out on the inspiring, positive influence teachers such as her have on their lives. Many have returned years later to tell her how much they enjoyed being in her class, and they brag about how well they are doing in high school or college.

The next time you hear someone denigrating teachers or their ineffective union, you might remind them that some of those teachers might be called upon to save their child’s life someday, or at least inspire them to be a better student or a better human being.



What about parents?

To the editor:

It seems to me that the members of the Nevada Hispanic Legislative Caucus should quit their jobs as representatives of the state of Nevada (“Frederick’s column unfit for publication,” Sunday letter). They seem to pander to the Hispanic community inasmuch as they fail to blame the parents of teenagers who find themselves pregnant or with STDs.

The information required to prevent pregnancy or to prevent STDs is available to parents and/or the teens themselves. There’s no further need to make more laws on teaching this subject in schools.



Vile politicians

To the editor:

The only hope for the poor and middle classes is the dream of hitting the lottery. We are all aware of the odds of that possibility.

In my 78 years, I have witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly things of life. Most of the good came in my first 60 years, but I could never have imagined the bad along with the ugly of today.

Most of our elected politicians believe they’re elected to increase their bank account and status in life. They’ve created unnecessary, prolonged wars that have really rocked our financial system. They’ve created foreign anti-American radicals and stirred up the pot for homegrown terrorists.

Voter ideology and just plain stupidity are factors that have helped elect some of our ego-driven politicians. We are all responsible for today’s mess, but it is hard to imagine any fix when politicians just say no.



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