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Both Republicans and Democrats failing the country on immigration reform

In 2009, Democratic U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York said, “Illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple.” But now, Sen. Schumer won’t come to the table and negotiate with the Republicans on immigration reform. He’d rather use the problems on the border, especially now with the kids, as a club to beat up the Republicans.

Donald Trump wants his wall and a secure border. It’s a big part of why people voted him in. He wants the recent onslaught of illegal aliens on the border stopped, so he institutes the toughest form of a policy that was already in place long ago. He’s now associated with “Hitler.” And on and on it goes.

Both sides loudly blame each other for where we’re at. In truth, it’s both their faults. Most of those in Congress, as far as I’m concerned, are nothing more than money-grubbing, self-serving, sound-bite-chasing, scummy swamp people. And then maybe it’s all of our faults for not demanding more from the people who are supposed to serve us.

Comprehensive immigration reform has been in the works for something like 30 years, and we’re still waiting. It’s pretty sad.

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