Business owners at wit’s end with Obama?

To the editor:

In response to the Saturday letter from James Thomson, “A reckless president without a clue”:

Mr. Thomson gave a summary of what the book “Atlas Shrugged” is all about. His last remark – “I never thought I would voluntarily close my company, but I am warming up to the idea. I don’t think I can stand much more help” – makes me think he is about to “shrug.”

I hope the “producers” have a safe way to wait out the coming catastrophe.

E. McCormick

Las Vegas

Predatory capitalism

To the editor:

James Thomson’s diatribe against government and President Obama has me angry, and I will not let such comments go without a response (Saturday letter). Mr. Thomson offered no solutions, only harsh criticism, a wailing cry of outrage.

Mr. Thomson states, “Government is the single largest obstacle … for every business in America.” My response: Remember the unregulated real estate bubble? Let me remind Mr. Thomson that we had an economic meltdown in 2008 due to a lack of government regulation. Make no mistake: This is the cause of Mr. Thomson’s pain. Still think that business, if left to operate without oversight, will be an economic blessing?

Mr. Thomson says the president is a “reckless man with a reckless mouth.” Such disrespect. The president is offering solutions, and Mitt Romney and the gang that caused this mess are offering nothing. What are their solutions? What is Mr. Thomson’s? Cut taxes? Let “business” run wild again?

I know that Mr. Thomson and many, many others are going through hell. But before we assign blame, should we not give some thought to cause and effect? The cause of Mr. Thomson’s pain is unregulated predatory capitalism, not government. The cure is to keep those who would use unscrupulous trickery to defraud others in shackles.

Richard York

Las Vegas

Better lives

To the editor:

James Thomson’s letter in Saturday’s Review-Journal is the best description yet of President Obama’s total disdain and disrespect for Americans who work hard to better their lives and the lives of others.

When I heard the president say those infamous words, “You didn’t build that,” I felt like I had been kicked in the gut. I reflected on our own endeavor to build a successful business – the long hours, the eight years of hard work while plowing every dime of profit plus additional thousands of dollars back into it in order to make it grow and become profitable and successful. Successful it was, but not because of any help we received from the government.

I cannot imagine a single person who heard that remark who could ever vote for this man again.

Trudy Cunningham

Las Vegas


To the editor:

The Review-Journal’s Friday editorial, “Diminishing entrepreneurship,” is just another example of the shortsighted view of so many on the political right today.

The castigation of our president for pointing out that no one, in fact, does anything on their own in this country is at best shortsighted and at worst blatant intellectual dishonesty.

The reason the wealthy are able to be successful is not just because they are smart or hard working or have any other number of quality attributes. It’s because we the people of the United States of America make it so. Some 320 million American individuals wake up every day and contribute (even in the smallest forms) to a stable society that produces value.

We the people are the United States, and it’s time for those on the right and the wealthy to remember who provides them with such a great country within which to be successful.

Martin Elge

Las Vegas

Ridiculous comments

To the editor:

We commend James Thomson for writing such a powerful letter describing how many difficulties there are facing business owners (Saturday letter). Such an insult it was to business owners to be told by President Obama they did not grow their businesses and create jobs on their own. Mr. Obama needs to walk in Mr. Thomson’s shoes before making any more ridiculous comments on this topic.

Our country cannot endure another four years of an Obama administration.

Jean Stanks

Tom Stanks

North Las Vegas

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