California’s choices became intolerable

I read with great interest last Sunday’s article “Sandoval not into theme of campaigners’ Calif. comps.” I have a pretty strong opinion about how politics in California can affect the lives of those of us living in Nevada.

I’ve lived in Las Vegas since 1995, leaving California behind. Why? I saw tremendous increases in taxes, regulations, traffic and prices for basic needs.

I still own property in California. I also am president of a California corporation. Over the past 30 years in that business, I’ve seen the intrusion of the state of California into the business by passing onerous regulations that are designed to suck the profits from small businesses. My business now has to deal with regulations by cities, counties and the state. Some aren’t huge, but they are continuous — $25 here, $250 there. For what? And the corporate tax rate in California is painful.

I see the effects of liberal government policies on the people and businesses in California. I truly don’t want to see those types of policies introduced into the Silver State.

In this article, Gov. Brian Sandoval seemed more interested in his accomplishments over the past eight years, rather than the future of our state. I applaud those accomplishments and have seen the results of them. I thank the governor for his hard work.

I encourage all the residents of Nevada to study the effects of liberal policies of California, then apply those to how they would affect our standard of living here. Talk to people who’ve moved here from California and ask them why they left.

It is extremely important that during the midterms, we strongly oppose those liberal policies by electing people who want to protect our state’s standard of living.

Rest assured, if a liberal is elected governor and liberals control our state Legislature, you will see increased taxes and regulations.

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