Cameras needed to stop red-light runners

Day after day I read in the paper about people running red lights and killing and maiming others, as well as doing big-time property damage. I see people running red lights all the time.

I think Las Vegas is long overdue for lots of red light cameras. The police can not possibly stop all this carnage with patrol officers, so it is time to take steps to help us all.

Brenda Morrow

Las Vegas

On the fly

Thank you to the two recent letter writers complaining about noise from McCarran International Airport. Who knew it could be so horrible? A couple of nights ago between 1 a.m. and 1:10 a.m. six planes flew over our house once more. Then at 5 a.m. it starts all over again.

People will say: Well, stupid, why do you live next to the airport? Well, we don’t. We live in the southwest, Mountain’s Edge.

Because the airport has made the east-west runway longer, we can expect more planes. Last summer while I was in the backyard, a plane was flying over every 30 seconds during the “busy time” of day.

Unfortunately, as the city grows and more tourists arrive, it will not get better. And, I assume, the Clark County won’t move the airport to Primm. So we are moving.

Karen Gucci

Las Vegas

No free stuff

In response to the Saturday letter from Gordon Brown, “All the millennial generation asks is to stop being insulted”: Oh, you have to work to get someplace? How terrible. Life’s not fair and nobody has learned that better than your generation? Please.

Mr. Brown speaks of friends dying in the war. My father came out of the Depression into World War II (1941-45). More than 14 million served, 405,000 died. In Korea (1950-53) we had 36,000 dead. During Vietnam (1955-1975) — my generation — 58,000 died. The American death toll in Afghanistan (2001-present) is 2,200. In Iraq (2003-11) some 4,400 died.

Everyone takes their turn. Learn history. Your lives have been 10 times better than those of previous generations. Whatever is thrown at you, learn to deal with it. That’s your job as an American. We’ve done ours to this point.

Try learning the issues and voting once in a while. Not for free stuff that your grandchildren will pay for, but for a country based upon freedom rather than taking from those who contribute to give to those who don’t.

If you have a problem with the government, then join those of us who are trying to correct it before you have to fight the next revolution — and not for free stuff but for freedom, once again.

John R. Stiles II


Animal welfare

Hooray to Stephen Wells’ Sunday commentary, “Bundy’s cattle latest victims of BLM’s cruelty?”

For years, I have been a supporter of all organizations that fight the BLM’s cruel practices.Now I am horrified — but not surprised — to hear of this new atrocity. When will the cruel human realize that we must share our world with animals? Care for and protect them, don’t abuse them.

What can be done to help these poor creatures?

Gloria Fleming

Las Vegas

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