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Cameras would help make Las Vegas roads safer

I noted that your Feb. 19 editorial opposed legislation that would place unmanned cameras at critical locations to catch red-light runners or speeders and send a notice of fine to the registered vehicle owner.

Any measure that might diminish death and destruction from this pandemic infecting our valley should be put into play. Even if the program is run by a private company. Even if the concept is mired in legal gobbledygook.

The editorial takes the stance of Constitution-bending attorneys to advance the idea that someone who broke the law really didn’t break the law. No cop saw it, just a camera recording a license plate. What if the driver isn’t the car’s owner? What if the driver didn’t intend to run the red light? Give me a break.

What if the flashing light and warning sign about the camera discourages one person from deliberately going through a red traffic signal and killing someone? How about dozens? Yes, there’ll be a multitude of problems aired at hearings for Senate Bill 43. But the potential benefits are well worth the debate. One thing for sure: Personal injury attorneys aren’t going to like it one bit.

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