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Carbon tax would be bad for consumers

Reference the Saturday letter “Big step,” which supports the proposed Energy and Innovation Act to drive down America’s carbon pollution. The act will place a fee on carbon pollution at its source. Any power production, factory production or agriculture production that pays a fee will pass that fee along to the consumer. After program costs, the money collected will be allocated to each citizen in equal shares every month. So consumers will pay dollars more and just maybe a few cents will trickle down every month.

Most all the research and modeling on climate change have been paid for by those who want more control over every aspect of American life and business. Remember Al Gore? He predicted we’d all be underwater by now. Hasn’t happened, has it.

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LETTER: Donald Trump, Republicans want to kill Obamacare

Can someone please tell “we the people” when President Donald Trump and the Republican health care plan will be coming out if the Supreme Court repeals Obamacare?But what’s their plan?

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During the past four years, we have all witnessed the difference in the two opposed political philosophies of heavy taxation on corporations vs. less taxation on corporations

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Two leading polling sources — fivethirtyeight.com and NYT Upshot, both of which include the RJ poll in their results — show a significantly better forecast for Mr. Biden.