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Citizenship ceremony shows system works

To the editor:

Congratulations, new American citizens. Your hours of study have paid off (“Brand New Americans,” Wednesday Review-Journal photo). All that time spent learning the history of the United States, the long hours learning English, not only because it’s the language of the country, but because you know it’s necessary to succeed in the United States of America.

But wait, how were you able to do this legally? I thought that everyone in Washington said the system has failed and it’s not working properly.

You were able to obtain your goal under this flawed system? You came to this country and applied under the current laws? How is that possible? Does that mean the government is misleading us again, or is it because you wanted it enough to give of yourself and proclaim there was no obstacle too great, and you would follow the laws of the land you so desperately wanted to become a part of?

Once again, congratulations. You did it your way and the right way.



Law-abiding new citizens

To the editor:

I want to thank the Review-Journal for its front-page photo coverage of new U.S. citizens being sworn in at Las Vegas City Hall (“Brand New Americans,” Wednesday). The ceremony allowed 200 immigrants to join America and become legal, law-abiding citizens.

The picture brought back memories of the stories that my grandparents told about their journey to this country from Sweden. The trek through Ellis Island, learning English, contributing to the success of America by using their skills and education to improve our country, and learning to become Americans. Your picture is a positive reminder that our immigration laws work.

These 200 new Americans believed they had to earn their way into this great country. They don’t believe that they’re entitled to be Americans by breaking the law. These new citizens spent the time and energy to learn the language, follow the rule of law and not ask for anything but the privilege to become U.S. citizens.

Welcome to America, and thank you for doing it the right way. I hope you are successful in your future endeavors.



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