City annexation did nothing but raise property taxes

I have followed with much interest the dispute between the city of Las Vegas and Clark County regarding annexations, fire protection, sewer services, etc. (“Las Vegas, county consider interlocal agreement,” Sunday Review-Journal). This has included several phone conversations with County Commissioner Larry Brown about this very subject.

Now, according to a recent article and editorial in the Review-Journal, a new interlocal agreement is about to be signed which will prevent the city from unilaterally annexing county “islands.” However, there appears to be nothing proposed for rolling back annexations the city made while there was no agreement. Our property and many others in these county islands have already been annexed into the city. Our property taxes increased more than 20 percent. No additional services, just a tax increase.

As I just wrote to Mr. Brown, it seems that we are the “sacrificial lambs” who will have no say in this matter, and what is done is done. We did not ask to be annexed and now ask only that the annexations be made null and void. It would also be nice if they refunded the excess property taxes we’ve had to pay.

Phyllis Torrey

Las Vegas

In the gutter

Your Tuesday editorial “No more arm wrestling” quotes County Commissioner Larry Brown as saying that neighborhoods in the northwest valley “don’t want curbs, gutters and sidewalks.” That’s ridiculous. I’ve never known anyone in my life who didn’t want curbs, gutters and sidewalks. Even if you live on a horse farm, such amenities always benefit your property value.

In fact, virtually all recent construction in the northwest valley consists of planned communities with “curbs, gutters and sidewalks.” Builders don’t build what buyers won’t buy.

Mr. Brown should survey residents driving on western Ann Road after a strong rainstorm. Ask them whether they enjoy driving on all the sand, gravel and rocks that wash across the road because western Ann Road lacks curbs, gutters and sidewalks.

John Simion

Las Vegas

Raider Nation

I am a 50-year resident of Las Vegas but grew up in Oakland and was an avid Raiders fan. In fact, as a young adult, I sold Collier Encyclopedias to a few of the players and hoisted a few beers with Jim Otto at one of their local hangouts. In those days they played at Frank Youell Field while the Oakland-Alameda Coliseum (their present home) was being built. I went to many, many of their games.

While I would enjoy the Raiders moving to Las Vegas, I am skeptical about the fan base and loyalty compared to that of the Bay Area as well as our ability to fill 60,000 or so seats. Las Vegas is a diverse city with many entertainment venues crammed into a relatively small area. Las Vegas counts heavily on the Southern California tourist, but I doubt they would drive just to see the Raiders when they have the Rams and soon the Chargers.

So the question is: Can Las Vegas count on the majority of those seats being filled by the local population? Las Vegas is a large retirement area and the median income here is less than that of the Oakland/San Francisco area. Will they be able to afford the ticket prices for both NFL and NHL venues?

I think Las Vegas and the powers-that-be are asking a lot of local residents. Looking back at the monorail and other failed projects, I sincerely hope the Raider investment doesn’t follow suit.

Joe Schaerer

Las Vegas

All done

The electors have voted. It’s over, snowflakes, get used to it. All your whining and weeping, rending of garments and gnashing of teeth resulted in … nothing. You made no impact on this election, though you were loud and obnoxious.

Now, fold up your blankies, come out of your “safe places” and participate in the renewal of America. We are going to make America great again. So lead, follow or get out of the way.

Rick Ainsworth


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