Clark County School Board just isn’t up to the task

The Clark County School Board is neither capable nor competent enough to run the nation’s fifth-largest school district. How many more clues do we need? Massive debt, horrendous scholastic rankings and perpetual teacher employment crises are just three of the most obvious and concerning indicators.

This isn’t a problem you can throw money at. Our per-student investment rate seems to reveal a commitment to education. So why is Nevada consistently ranked near the very bottom of proficiency scores? The answer is simple: a lack of leadership.

If you had any question about that, I direct you to the recent addition of local candidates to the superintendent candidate pool after an extensive and expensive national talent search. This is being called a “course correction” by a prominent member of the board. Are you kidding me? Did the board members set the parameters for the search so poorly that no local candidates were considered? Then they roll over in response to public pressure to the point that one of their best options withdrew his name?

All I’m sure of is that, no matter who is chosen, they will struggle to succeed when faced with a bungling and unqualified board. As for me and my rising high school student, we’re leaving the state. Good luck.

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