Clark County School District should focus on teachers, parents and students

The article by Amelia Pak-Harvey in the February 6th edition of the Review-Journal concerning underachieving schools was disappointing. Nowhere does she mention the three most important groups in education — students, parents and teachers. Most of the article focused on spending money to hire more experts and psycho-babblers to create more layers of administration and coining names for these groups to impress members of the state bureaucracy.

Until teachers have the resources and support to excel at their profession; until parents make sure their children have enough sleep, have a breakfast and have completed their homework; and until children realize that what they learn and how they learn are crucial to their future, underachievement will continue to be the norm.

Additionally, students must believe that school is not just lunch and fun with no penalty for not completing their assignments, and parents must consider school as something more than other tax-supported day care. Until then, all of the money spent on hiring experts, etc. is, for the most part, window dressing meant to impress upper administrations.

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