Columnist touts phony Trump victories

In the last paragraph of his Sunday commentary (“The Trump Tsunami”), Wayne Allyn Root writes, “I know sales. I’ve been in sales my whole life.” That is no surprise, because Mr. Root’s sycophantic ravings about Donald Trump are always reminiscent of a TV pitchman frenetically listing all the supposed benefits of the product he is peddling in the hopes of inducing the listener to “buy now!”

In his recent pitch, Mr. Root attempts to credit Mr. Trump with a recent “tsunami” of alleged victories. But, as usual, the mere application of basic logic is all that is necessary to downgrade the supposed tsunami into more of a ripple.

As only one example, Mr. Root claims that Kim Jong Un recently released three U.S. hostages “in return for nothing,” and that the hostage release is one of Mr. Trump’s victories. However, since Mr. Root concedes that Mr. Trump provided “nothing” to induce the release of the hostages, releasing them must have been merely a gratuitous gesture by Kim Jong Un. It was not the result of any “deal” that Mr. Trump brokered.

So how does that constitute a Trump victory?

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