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Community must support local teachers

To the editor:

I have been a school psychologist in the Clark County School District for 15 years. Although not a teacher, I am covered under the same contract. I entered this profession with a heart for children and a desire to have a positive impact on the lives of children and families in my community. Salary did not drive my decision to enter this field, nor did a desire for public acclaim.

I do not, however, think it is unreasonable for educators to hope for support from the community we serve. Regardless of any salary or compensation disagreements, the most disheartening aspect of media stories on the recent arbitration dispute has been the absolute vilification of those professionals who have dedicated their lives to our children.

It cannot be debated that more and more responsibility for raising literate, respectful, honest and ethical children has fallen to schools. They have increasingly had to do more with less economically, as well as with less home support. Now, as a further blow, our own community seems to be denying the importance of the contribution made by educators.

Our superintendent has been clear that he does not value what we do, but it is my hope that our trustees and our community will send a message to Dwight Jones that teachers are vital to this district and to our community.

Please stand with us. Supporting teachers is supporting our children, our community and our future.

Kathleen Sorrentino

Las Vegas

Shut up and pay up

To the editor:

In the past week, I’ve been reading letters to the editor complaining about public-sector wage and benefit packages, especially in comparison with those of private-sector employees.

Well, one very good reason – among many – for the higher public-sector wages and benefits is that 37 percent of public-sector employees belong to unions, compared with only 6.9 percent of private-sector employees.

Might I suggest that instead of treating their lower wages and inferior benefits packages as “normal,” private-sector employees do what The Greatest Generation did: unionize.

If they don’t want to make the time and effort to do so, then that’s a choice they make – and they need to have a nice, tall glass of shut-the-heck-up.

Gregory Grant

Las Vegas

The writer is a member of the Clark County Education Association and the Association of American Educators.

Try Cape Cod

To the editor:

My wife and I were born and raised in Massachusetts. It was no surprise that Steve Wynn’s proposed casino complex for Foxborough was shot down. Mr. Wynn was dealing with one of the most stiff-necked towns in New England.

For years the Massachusetts legislature shot down every proposal for casinos in that state. The biggest opponent was the Catholic Church. In response to the state’s stupidity, many residents – my wife and I included – went to Connecticut, New York and later to Rhode Island. Massachusetts lost billions of tax dollars to these states.

Since the slump in the economy and the loss of influence of the church, the climate has changed. I wish Mr. Wynn would consider Cape Cod for his casino complex. The people in that area have been in a slump since the fishing industry suffered a monetary setback. Cape Cod has an excellent highway system and is in close proximity to Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and the city of Boston and other large New England cities.

John Tominsky

Las Vegas

Death sentence

To the editor:

Let me get this straight:

A 22-year-old male attacks a female and assaults her. Then he breaks into a house where he has never been and savagely smashes in the heads of all three occupants, killing the two females, including a 10-year-old girl, whom he also rapes. We then have to assemble a group of people to determine if this individual deserves the death penalty.

Flash forward to Onion, a canine who has done absolutely nothing in his life except give love to a little boy and his family. Acting only on instinct – as canines cannot plan or plot – he attacked the little boy with dire consequences. Onion is automatically given a death sentence. Onion does not know about death. As he is dying, do you think he is going to understand why?

Onion does not know why the little boy is no longer in his life, but the 22-year-old certainly knows why a woman and her daughter are dead and why the father will never be the same, physically and emotionally.

Somebody, please tell me who is the real animal?



Family values

To the editor:

Sen. Harry Reid coming out – no pun intended – for gay marriage had to be a bitter pill for him, but it’s another indication his marching orders come from President Barack Obama. And it was beyond shameful for Sen. Reid to mitigate it by saying it was for his progeny.

It’s gone far beyond the consenting adults shtick. Now the heretofore sacred institution of marriage is to include persons of the same sex sharing vows of something other than traditional family values. Two men or two women – in the guise of a family – tucking an adopted child into a crib, is just not the same as natural parents, no matter their intentions.

Sen. Reid has so distanced himself from his roots that it’s time for him to surrender his office and let someone with Nevada’s interests take his place.

Vernon Clayson

Las Vegas

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