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DA Steve Wolfson has a duty to uphold the law

I read the article about Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson deciding not to file charges against his longtime trusted employee for stealing $42,000 from his campaign. A crime is a crime, and not prosecuting her is unbelievable.

I am amazed that Mr. Wolfson resorts to excuses about why he kept it quiet. Isn’t it his job to enforce the law? But, no, the perpetrator was rehired and again put in a position in which she handles money.

Mr. Wolfson, as the victim of the crime, has the right to not press charges against her. But as the DA, he has a greater responsibility to the law and to do the right thing.

As a citizen of this community, I hope only that when I go astray and commit a crime, Mr. Wolfson will be forgiving to me because he knows deep down that I am a good person and would never have committed my offense if it weren’t for my excuses — I don’t make enough money, someone beat me as a child, the excuses can go on and on.

This is just another case of “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Shame on Mr. Wolfson for not doing the right thing.

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