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Dead heat in mayoral race? Poll was flawed

To the editor:

In your Thursday story, “Polls in Las Vegas mayoral campaign differ,” Chris Giunchigliani’s campaign called the race a “dead heat.” A friend of mine who was one of the 400 “likely voters” polled shared that the interviewer made it difficult to give a supportive answer toward Carolyn Goodman.

My friend stated the questions were fabricated with assumptive declarations that were inaccurate. It seems to me the Benenson Strategy Group has operated to make their polls favor their candidate.

As a voting member of the public, I am tired of the political machinery fabricating truths in order to misinform and mislead the public.

Vicki L. Wille

Las Vegas

To the editor:

I’m a 73-year-old master carpenter and a Las Vegas resident since August 3, 2004. After reading Alan Choate’s Thursday article, I am wondering if Carolyn Goodman is showing early signs of dementia, or if she is being a princess.

Either way, I feel concerned about the future of Las Vegas if she is elected mayor. Her antics regarding the lack of debates bring questions to my mind as to what her behavior would be like as mayor.

I can understand why Mayor Oscar Goodman has been awash in gin for the past 12 years — and maybe longer.

Joe Mrazek

Las Vegas

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