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Debating the rules of the road while driving in Southern Nevada

In his recent letter, Willie Jerrels criticizes motorists who stay in the right lane when approaching a red light and then drive straight when the light changes. He says they prevent others from making the right turn on red at intersections.

Well, we are already aware that we should not drive in the left lane at the speed limit or slightly above, as this prevents other motorists from dangerously exceeding the speed limit. On a two-lane road, where then should we drive? Also, the many motorists who “fishtail” at high speeds can make it difficult for other drivers to change lanes, another reason to remain in one lane.

Years ago, my defensive driving instructor instilled in me that the goal of driving was “to get from point A to point B safely.” Apparently, according to Mr. Jerrels, he was mistaken. His goal seems to be that we should drive solely for the convenience of others. Or perhaps it would be better for him that we not drive at all.

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