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Democrats are coddling illegal aliens

I am an American citizen. When I was in grammar school, my father went to prison for a nonviolent crime. I was torn from his loving arms (words for effect) for 18 months. It was a long time ago, but I do not recall a single Democrat rushing to my aid; a single celebrity helping me with a tearful plea; a single march planned demanding my reunification with my father.

My father took a risk, knew the consequences and accepted those consequences. Every single immigrant parent risking the violation of our immigration laws surely understands the risk. And if the Democrats continue to elevate the needs of illegal immigrants over and above the needs of American citizens, the coming blue wave will be downgraded to a pale blue trickle.

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LETTER: Office of US president deserves respect

Regarding the June 12, letter “Big Orange”: I respect the writer’s right to dislike President Donald Trump and to have issues with his comments.