Democrats using Dreamers in pawns in hopes of making gains in November elections

As I read about how the Democrats rejected the offer made by the Trump administration to give 1.8 million illegal aliens a path to citizenship, I was reminded of the offer that Israel’s prime minister Ehud Barak made to Yasser Arafat in July 2000 at Camp David. Arafat also had no intention of doing the right thing for the Palestinians. He was cut from the same cloth as all self-serving, power-hungry politicians: Stir people up, demonize your opposition, promise the world and deliver nothing to the people but continued dependence.

Once again we see how disingenuous the liberal Democrats are. Their motives are so very apparent. They want only what’s best for themselves. And what’s best for themselves is a steady stream of dependent, low-information voters with whom they can stir up dissension. Dependence means that these poor newcomers will most likely vote to keep the Democrats in office so that the “goodies” keep coming. It’s a despicable practice of preying on the weak and uninformed.

The Dems don’t want the problem solved, as Wayne Allyn Root mentioned in his Feb. 8 column. If they solve the problem by agreeing to Mr. Trump’s “generous offer,” the DACA issue goes away, and they would have to find a new cause — which, of course, they would. Their causes always seem to advance the opposite of what’s best for everyday, hard-working Americans.

So just as the self-serving Arafat rejected a “generous deal” at Camp David, the Democrats rejected Mr. Trump’s very generous offer to solve the DACA problem.

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