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Donald Trump and the college admissions scandal

In his March 17 column, Wayne Allyn Root has discovered one of the facts of life: The only thing that money can’t buy is poverty.

Mr. Root was justifiably angered that his well-qualified son may have been cheated out of a slot at USC because students who were not as well-qualified had parents who were willing to bribe college employees. That’s not only criminal behavior, but also despicable.

But a few weeks ago, before this scandal was exposed, Michael Cohen, formerly Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, testified before Congress that Mr. Trump had ordered him to send letters to the high school and colleges he attended, warning them they would be sued if they exposed his academic records. So, Mr. Root, why do you think Mr. Trump did that?

I believe I know why.

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Regarding the June 12, letter “Big Orange”: I respect the writer’s right to dislike President Donald Trump and to have issues with his comments.