Donald Trump immigration policies an affront to the nation

We are taking children from the arms of parents, and many of these were not illegals. They were families who presented themselves at the border to request sanctuary. They were neither accepted nor denied but put into incarceration.

The morality of this country has been severely tested by this president and his puppets. What happened to the Statue of Liberty? What happened to the country of the free and the brave? What happened to the country I loved and believed was the righteous spirit holding the flaming torch of liberty and freedom?

Our country is represented and manipulated by a liar and misogynist … an evil being who would make enemies of our friends and friends of our enemies. And the disgraceful Republicans lick his boots and accept his lies.

I feel disgust. If there is any hope, it is in the hands of the women, the people of color, the recent immigrants and the millennials to stand up and vote. It is up to us, the remaining free thinkers, to encourage those people to get out and vote this year.

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