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Donald Trump is ruining America and its reputation

Isn’t anyone else as enraged as I am? For 85 years, I was proud to be an American, proud to be part of the land of “opportunity.” This was the land where one could get an education, get a job, develop a family and provide or receive special services when necessary.

Today, everything has changed. Thanks to the arrogance of the lying person in the White House, it is now the land where children are separated from their parents; where salvation to those in need is denied; and where those who came as children, grew up here, work in respected jobs and consider themselves “Americans” are threatened with being sent back to countries they know nothing about.

Perhaps if the dictator in Washington had been separated from his father, he would not have the wealth he now enjoys. Perhaps if his children were separated from him, they would not hold the powerful positions they now embrace.

What is wrong with members of our Congress? Why are they doing nothing to stop the demolition of the United States of America? Why are they allowing this individual to totally change the complexion of our country so that we have become as despised any totalitarian state?

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