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Don’t blame rising political anger on race

To the editor:

Of all the ridiculous things the political left has said and written recently to counter the rising ire of the American people, Christopher Hitchens’ Sunday polemic (“Suffering white self-pity”) takes the cake.

In a nutshell, Mr. Hitchens blames the entirety of citizen anger on — you guessed it — skin color.

Never mind the unsustainable deficits, the lawlessness on the border, the unconstitutional edicts of the Obama administration, the stagnant economy, the high unemployment, the tax escalations, the proliferation of America-hating leftists now calling themselves “czars,” the president apologizing for America around the world, and, essentially, the rapidly accelerating shredding of the Constitution. No, it all traces back to white people upset at (eventually) losing their majority status. What utter poppycock.

Once again, the left finds racism where there is none. Mr. Hitchens weakly frames his accusations around Glenn Beck’s monstrously successful (and apolitical) recent rally in Washington, D.C. Surely, if there were any merit to Mr. Hitchens’ accusation, much evidence of racism would have been on display among the hundreds of thousands of gatherers. Anybody hear any racist diatribes from the podium or in the audience? Of course not.

Sadly, the same can’t be said when Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or Louis Farrakhan or any number of open-border advocates create an assemblage.

Mike Richmond

Las Vegas

Ha ha

To the editor:

In his Tuesday column John Smith indicated that Dawn Gibbons’ support of Harry Reid was no laughing matter. He also stated neither was National Republican Committee Chairman Frank Fahrenkopf’s support of Sen. Reid. Yet I found myself laughing out loud at the end.

Of course, it’s amusing: Dawn Gibbons’, after a messy divorce from the current governor, is certainly not in the mood to support anything Republican. Ronald Reagan, if still alive, probably couldn’t win her over, either. And Mr. Fahrenkopf is still seething that the party’s choice of Sue Lowden was tipped over by the Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle. Sour grapes is what I read into their pronouncements.

As for Mr. Fahrenkopf’s statement, “Are you better off having the majority leader of the Senate, who can control what gets to the floor to be voted on, or a freshman senator?” this carries no sense because with Sen. Reid gone and the Republicans in control of Congress, there’d be a Republican Senate majority leader who would have a freshman senator from Nevada to help get us out of the problems the Democrats have fostered upon us these past four and one-half years.

And what has Harry controlled in bringing to the floor of the Senate? ObamaCare? Bailouts? Trillions in spending?? I don’t see the logic in his argument.

Maybe it’s just me; but I’m certainly intelligent enough to know who works for and listens to the people of Nevada. And right now it isn’t Harry Reid.

George Pucine

Las Vegas

Teach Spanish

To the editor:

After reading your recent article on the cost of teaching non-English speaking students in our state, I have but one question. Why in the world don’t we teach English and Spanish at the same time so that when the students finish school they have a level playing field?

The company I work for, among many, does not hire anyone who cannot speak Spanish. So common sense tells me that we should be teaching all students both languages.

For those who want an Engish-speaking country I say … it’s too late to back that horse up. So let’s give all children equal opportunity instead of having another generation of angry people who are turned down for a job because they don’t speak Spanish. It’s an unfair expense to only teach English. Children learn fast. Let’s be smart.

B. Wilson

Las Vegas

Shot up

To the editor:

The recent news that the Clark County shooting park costs $750,000 per year to operate comes as no surprise. The park is closed Mondays and Tuesdays, which guarantees that they cannot serve Clark County residents on federal holidays.

Over the next biennium, there will be 13 Mondays when recreational shooters have the time and inclination, but no access. The park could charge a higher entry fee for holidays to pay the overtime. Or simply change the weekly days off to Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

This situation convinces me that the facility should be operated as a for-profit concession. The county staff can probably make it self-supporting eventually, but the learning curve could cost millions.

Ernest Hardin

Las Vegas

Good guys

To the editor:

Why are police actions rarely criminal (Review-Journal, Tuesday)? Could it be because the police rarely shoot anyone without just cause? Could it be because we send them to in-depth training in criminal law and arrest procedures?

Could it be that suspects don’t follow police commands? Could it be that Gary Peck of the ACLU is, and never has been, a fan of the police?

Are there bad cops? Absolutely, just as I am sure there are bad attorneys in the ACLU.

Ron Moers


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