Don’t outlaw prostitition in Nevada’s rural counties

I am a Nye County resident and a senior citizen. I am very glad that prostitution is legal, taxed and health-checked in this and other Nevada counties.

When we visit Las Vegas, we witness “working girls” everywhere. Clark County suffers from pimps, human trafficking, drug addiction and — in some cases — girls who are beaten or killed. Every day and night these girls are subjected to dangers or death. This is in a county where prostituting is illegal. If it were legal, maybe the money collected could pay for sports arenas instead of tapping room taxes.

Women should have the choice to select this occupation. I thought we were all for a woman’s right to choose. In Nevada counties where it is legal, the girls are licensed, taxed and business is conducted in a safe, protected environment. Drug use is a reason for dismissal.

Prostitution has been around for eons. Even the Bible references “temple prostitutes.” Please do not drive prostitution underground, making it unregulated and dangerous in Nye and other Nevada counties.

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