Economic innovators are destroying jobs

I have seen many articles lately touting the great progress made by the private sector in replacing “status quo” industries. Uber is constantly cited as a great innovation and proof that government should get out of the way of business.

But what I don’t see is anyone proclaiming how the worker has benefited.

An Uber driver pays all expenses that used to be picked up by the cab companies: gas, insurance, wear and tear on the vehicle, depreciation, etc. Have you gone to an Uber driver forum and read how they feel about their jobs? It’s not good.

Amazon just opened its first store that does not require cashiers. It also has delivered its first package via drone. Uber has plans for driverless cars. Robotics appear to be the next wave of “progress” in manufacturing.

Not everyone is cut out for a career in computer engineering nor, for myriad reasons, will everyone attend college. Where is the interest in maintaining living-wage jobs for the rest of the people who still need to support their families? Oh, right, I forgot. Donald Trump will fix that. LOL.

Thomas Odegard


Good move

I was very pleased to see that Victor Joecks will be a regular writer for the Review Journal beginning later this month (Saturday Review-Journal).

I have followed and enjoyed his career at the Nevada Policy Research Institute and heard him speak at numerous events. He is definitely as asset and I hope this is an indication of the way the Review-Journal is going.

Marcia Romano

Las Vegas

Finding trouble

I read your brief last week about a woman who berated a man for using a racial epithet. The man then hit her with a sign and was arrested.

My initial thought was that the woman was foolish for confronting a person already showing himself to be angry and provocative. Her injury was entirely predictable. Then I realized that maybe she was right. When we ignore prejudice and bigotry, we allow them to grow.

Nevertheless, there is a right and wrong way to handle such situations. A calm and polite reminder that prejudicial language is not acceptable in our society gets the point across. A belligerent, in-your-face confrontation not only makes the person feel threatened and likely to respond with violence, but reinforces the person’s prejudicial beliefs.

Maybe this woman is a new Rosa Parks. Or maybe these were just two people who were looking for trouble and found it.

William Childs


Going south

For all you Bernie Sanders supporters and anyone else who craves a socialistic type of government for our country, take a look at what is happening in Venezuela right now and see if you still feel the same way.

Tom Hicks

Las Vegas

Tax savings

The Saturday wire service article about Maj. Gen. David Haight being demoted three steps due to an “ inappropriate sexual relationship with a woman who was not his wife” and having his pension greatly reduced gives us all kind of possibilities for saving tax dollars on pensions. Begin with former President Bill Clinton and go from there.

Eileen de Doelder

Las Vegas

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