Editorial reveals the electric car scam

Saturday’s editorial on the desirability of electric vehicles was spot on. The desire to switch to renewable energy has overwhelmed people’s understanding of science and economics. Environmental zealots and political opportunists have forced uneconomical trade-offs while ignoring the costs.

The editorial highlights a study that shows “the widespread adoption of electric vehicles will likely increase air pollution compared with new internal combustion vehicles.” And the tens of billions of dollars spent by taxpayers to subsidize building solar installations and to buy the expensive cars mainly benefits the industries and the politicians who support them.

This is the same scam foisted on consumers who are forced to buy gasoline laced with 10 percent ethanol, which decreases engine efficiency and reduces gas mileage. In essence, we have to buy an extra gallon of gas for every 30 gallons we use. And it has been proven that there is no net improvement in greenhouse gas emissions when using corn-derived ethanol.The only benefits go to the ethanol industry and the corn farmers who supply it.

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