Egypt’s situation sure looks familiar

To the editor:

We’re told this revolution and military coup in Egypt happened because the newly elected president was behaving contrary to the will of the people. Does Egypt’s situation resonate with Americans?

The people of Egypt were right to promptly deal with this situation. We have a president who has been in power and gotten away with intentionally going against the will of the majority here for more than four years. President Barack Obama campaigned on his intentions to change this country. Unfortunately, that has been his only success. In his post-election apology trip to Europe, he confirmed his intention to copy the European socialist countries and bring us down to their level. These countries are bankrupt and have violent revolutions.

We have a countless number of people on welfare and record numbers on food stamps, as intended, making people reliant on government handouts in order to gain votes for Democrats. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. And through the president’s profligate spending and waste on failed entities such as green energy, we are now on the verge of bankruptcy.

At the same time, Mr. Obama has converted the world’s most successful and envied capitalist land of opportunity into another socialist failure. I came here as a legal immigrant 50 years ago to escape such socialism.

So when are the real patriots like the Tea Party in this country going to wake up and take back their formerly great country to rectify this unprecedented situation?



More cops, not raises

To the editor:

As the Las Vegas Valley continues to grow, I think it is imperative to put more cops on the street (“More Cops may not mean more cops, but who’s counting?” Thursday Jane Ann Morrison column. However, I would like assurance that any additional tax revenue raised for more cops is used for this purpose, and not to give officers another raise.



Dog deserves compassion

To the editor:

During last week’s oral arguments presented to the Nevada Supreme Court with regard to the ongoing case of Onion, the incarcerated dog awaiting his fate, I wondered how many others noticed the contradictions of city officials (“High court hears arguments over Onion,” Thursday Review-Journal).

A Henderson representative stood before the justices, assuring them that the dog is receiving humane treatment, that he’s being visited by a veterinarian five days a week and he’s familiar and friendly with some of the staff and is “thriving.” When asked if this dog is receiving any exercise, according to proper care standards ordered by the District Court last year, this same official admitted that Onion has been locked up in his cage 24/7 for the past 14 months. He gets no exercise or opportunity to romp in the play area, because he’s “too vicious.”

Well, which is it? If he’s friendly with staff, there should be no problem taking him out for exercise, especially considering that he had no prior history of aggression toward humans before the tragic accident that killed a 1-year-old boy.

No matter what fate is ultimately decided for this dog, he deserves some modicum of compassion. Fourteen months is a long time in a dog’s life. He’s 120 pounds and he needs to exercise. His muscles have likely atrophied by now, his heart has probably grown weaker, but perhaps that’s what Henderson is counting on, so that this case might finally come to an end. Shame on them.



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