Electoral College failed us twice

In his recent letter, Rick Ainsworth criticized those who had the expectation that the Electoral College might not vote for Donald Trump. But our expectation that the electors would not vote for Mr. Trump was based on the job description.

The Electoral College is in place to assess the capability of the individual who is elected. By its design, at the front end it is an insane process. How can Mr. Trump lose by 2.8 million votes and still score victory in the “battleground states”? Nevertheless, those are the current rules.

The electors are supposed to cast their votes in a thoroughly nonpartisan way as they evaluate the president-elect on several criteria. Does the president-elect possess the character and intelligence to do this job? Does he have the basic knowledge and interpersonal skills? Is he truthful? All in all, is he more than electable – is he capable? In the period since the election, Mr. Trump has shown us none of this and, further, is demonstrating a genuine potential threat to our security.

In the end, the Electoral College failed us twice — first with its stacked deck for representation and second in that the electors did not do their jobs.

Jim Cassidy


Rogue electors

The fact that seven electors violated their commitment in the past election is no laughing matter. It is a very serious threat to our very freedoms because it legitimizes the fact that they can do this in future elections and receive nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

Each state needs to enact laws against this — with long, mandatory prison sentences for violations. Any monetary fine would be completely meaningless because the vote of each elector is so extremely important that there would never be a shortage of individuals or organizations — domestic and foreign — that would be more than willing to pay it even if it amounted to millions of dollars.

Robert Welz

Las Vegas

New-found hope

I read your Tuesday story “Poll finds Americans hopeful about 2017.” I guess that pretty much shuts down Michelle Obama’s recent claim that, “We are feeling what not having hope feels like.” The story notes that the poll found a 12-point increase in the belief that things will be better in the coming year.

The loss of hope occurred under the Obama administration. I suppose if you read between the lines of what the first lady said, it’s safe to conclude that what she meant was she and her ilk have lost hope.

I realized before Mr. Obama’s first election that in Michelle Obama’s mind, it’s all about her. Those days are about to end.

Don Dieckmann


In the dark

Something needs to be done about so many local streets and freeways that are dark. This is the reason so many people are hit by cars and there are so many accidents. For instance, it is very dark on Boulder Highway. Maybe that is one reason crime is up in that area, as are pedestrian accidents. Make this a No. 1 concern and get it lit up like the Strip.

Something must be done about these dark freeways and streets. There is no reason for this. If this is a 24-hour town, then light it up.

Joy Grantz

Las Vegas

Behind bars

Your Wednesday article “Nevada prisons take early step to reduce recidivism” told of all the advantages and the money to be spent but included barely a word about the actual program. What are they going to do? How will it be implemented? Who will be in charge? What training does this person have? Are they going to copy a program with known results? It’s hard to reach a conclusion without a little more information.

Darlien C. Breeze

Las Vegas

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