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Electoral College runs counter to democracy

In response to Michael Ramirez’s Monday cartoon on the “tyranny of the majority” reflecting that those who would like the president be selected by a majority of the voters rather than the Electoral College are tyrants:

Let’s see. We make laws by majority vote in Congress and in state and local legislative bodies. Supreme Court decisions are made by majority vote. Virtually every country in the world elects its leaders by direct vote. We select our senators, Congress members, governors and mayors — you name it — by majority vote. But somehow this is not the way Mr. Ramirez would like to see us select our president.

I wonder if that is because it has given the presidency to two Republicans in this century who lost the popular vote. Not my idea of objectivity, to be sure.

I don’t know about Mr. Ramirez, but I would prefer my vote to count as one vote no matter what state I live in. Not up to three times as much if I happen to live in one of the smallest states. Somehow, I don’t think that makes their choices three times as important or valuable as mine. But maybe, if I were desperate to see Donald Trump get re-elected in 2020, it would give me hope that he can pull it off again.

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