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FBI findings on Strip massacre might be the right conclusion

In their report on the Oct. 1 Strip massacre, one could take the view that the FBI’s brief and unanswered determination as to why that miserable and insignificant human waste carried out the attack is the correct conclusion to that tragedy. Although the instinctive reaction for the survivors and the families of the victims is to burrow into all of the evidence to uncover some thread, some meaningful fact — something — that they could wrap their emotions around, maybe this is the best possible outcome.

For as much as anyone could hope that evidence and reason may bring clarity, it would only shine light on the actions of the shooter, and I’m of the opinion that the less said of that beast the sooner he diminishes into nothingness. The focus needs to be on the innocent, not on the evil. We need not feed the evil. We ignore it and we starve it so it leaves us. We never forget the event, but we never not honor the victims. We remain compassionate and supportive of the survivors and the families. But their shooter? We need to douse his flame.

The names of the victims shall live forevermore, they shall never be forgotten. We can honor them best by remembering their names while forgetting his.

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