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Florida town hall meeting on gun violence was a must-see.

I enjoyed watching the recent town hall meeting in Florida. I was so impressed by those young people who spoke and the way they questioned the people on the stage.

I take my hat off to U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, who had respect and the fortitude to be on the stage. Also, the NRA could not have sent a better representative to this event. Even though I don’t agree with her, she did a great job. She did not back off one inch all night.

The young man who put Sen. Rubio on the spot by asking him not to accept money from the NRA was the highlight of the night. I just hope and pray these young people keep fighting against those Republican politicians and gun lovers. No one needs a bump stock or an assault rifle or gun with 20- or 50-round clips to protect himself or go hunting.

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