Free advice on a number of subjects

To President Donald Trump: Stop the constant tweeting. It’s very annoying and making it harder for us voters to defend you.

To the FBI: Finish the Russian interference investigation. I think I speak for many voters when I say that the Russians had no influence on our decision to vote against Hillary.

To Republicans and Democrats: Work on fixing the economy, and stop running for re-election before your current term is even a year old. Give the “Dreamers” a break, but stop bringing more in. We’re not even taking care of our elderly and poor; we sure don’t want taxes going to more outsiders than we pay for now.

To ladies: Speak up when you’re offended or harassed. Don’t wait five or 10 years and then use Gloria Allred as your mouthpiece. And don’t expect the powers that be to drop everything and investigate your complaint. The country has more pressing problems.

To the media: Stop giving the overpaid, cry-baby athletes front-page headlines and maybe help all those in the military contact loved ones at home.

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