Further expansion of Medicaid in Nevada an awful idea

After reading the Feb. 9 article “Health officials dissect state’s Medicaid outlook,” we can thank that RINO, Brian Sandoval, for our recurring budget nightmare thanks to his decision to welcome Obamacare into our state. Any legislator who considers further expansion of Medicaid to pay for housing-related services for the homeless through federal waivers needs to be run out of the Legislature on a rough-cut rail.

Gov. Sandoval was well-informed that state taxpayers would be on the hook to pick up the tab from the feds after a certain number of years, yet he decided for his own political interest to proceed. And I’m sure any current proposals will contain the same alluring hook.

Government bureaucrat Suzanne Bierman, an administrator for the state Department of Health and Human Services, should be fired for seeking out ways to further encumber the stressed taxpayers of our state. Period.

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