Getting rich off of deep pockets, silly jurors

To the editor:

Ever since that jury of morons decided that the size of the medicine container was guilty for spreading hepatitis C (“Drug companies get hit twice,” Review-Journal Thursday), I am planning how to become rich fast.

I will buy a container of 100 aspirin and swallow them all at one time, instead of taking just two. Having fallen sick, I will end up in the emergency ward, where they will save my life by pumping all those aspirin tablets out of my stomach.

Then I will hire the same bunch of trial lawyer hyenas trolling for similar “victims” to sue the aspirin manufacturer for $300 million.

I will also hope to get the same 12 people for my jury. And voila — I will become a millionaire.

As for the “epidemic” of hepatitis C — there are only seven confirmed cases. And at least three of them may have come to the clinic already sick with hepatitis C. In order to be able to transfer the sickness to others, the nurse would have to reuse needles or syringes without disinfecting them before reuse. I find it highly unlikely that a board-certified nurse would do that routinely.

And that is called an “epidemic”? Seven “victims”?

Marc Jeric

Las Vegas

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