GOP tolerated no differences of opinion

To the editor:

John L. Smith (Aug. 29 column) should read Steve Sebelius’ column of Aug. 29 so he can get some of his facts straight.

How dare Mr. Smith accuse Rep. Ron Paul’s supporters of embarrassing Nevada? The national GOP is the embarrassment in this entire election. They did everything in their power (illegally) to antagonize the Paul supporters with their cheating and changing of the rules at the drop of a hat. They waited until hours before the commencement of the convention and changed the nomination requirement from five states to eight states so Ron Paul couldn’t possibly be nominated from the floor.

They shut down the microphones of the Nevada delegates so they couldn’t speak from the floor. They attempted to halt any and all celebrations held by passionate Ron Paul supporters. They stole delegates all across the country, and the list goes on. Yet Mr. Smith has the audacity to say Ron Paul supporters are an embarrassment?

All Ron Paul supporters ever wanted was a chance to regain our country, our freedoms and our freedom of speech.

Long after this fiasco of an election is over, Ron Paul supporters will still be here fighting for what is rightfully ours as citizens of this once-great nation. You and the GOP are the real embarrassments here, Mr. Smith.



Nothing to brag about

To the editor:

I have been watching both the Republican and Democrat conventions, and one difference has really stood out for me. Republican speakers talked mainly about Mitt Romney and how he is a good man and how he will bring a fresh, business-like attitude to Washington.

The Democrat speakers, mainly Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio and first lady Michelle Obama, have talked about themselves and how they came from simple backgrounds to achieve what they have. Not much mention of President Obama, except that they believe the country is better off than it was when he took office. I think they don’t speak much about what Mr. Obama has accomplished because statistics prove otherwise.

Bureau of Labor, Department of Energy and Department of Treasury statistics report that since Mr. Obama took the oath of office, unemployment has risen from 7.8 percent to 8.3 percent nationwide. The median annual income has dropped from $55,000 to $51,000, the national debt has risen from $10.6 trillion to $16 trillion (34 percent), and gasoline prices have risen from an average of $1.84 to $3.82 a gallon (110 percent). The Office of Management and Budget and the Congressional Budget Office report that from President Bush’s last year in office, 2008, until now the budget deficit has risen from $458 billion to $1.29 trillion.

If a football coach has 3½ years of failure, he will be fired. We need to fire Mr. Obama and let a new coach try to do better. It certainly couldn’t be worse.



Nukes not needed

To the editor:

By publishing Oliver North’s column Tuesday, criticizing President Obama for – in his estimation – not keeping the United States ready for a nuclear war, the Review-Journal editors support my theory that they will print any drivel as long as it is critical of President Obama or other Democrats.

So the United States is not keeping up our nuclear arsenal? Are we going back to the time when students cowered under their desks and many people built bomb shelters? Does Col. North really think that some nation in a fit of madness would lob nuclear bombs at us? A nuclear war would not only cause serious physical damage to the world, but would destroy the world’s economy.

Col. North says he was on the Annapolis boxing team, so he may have taken too many head shots, but how do we explain the editor’s justification for printing his nonsense?



Serious business

To the editor:

First lady Michelle Obama stated in her speech at the Democratic National Convention that this is a game.

Excuse me, this is not a game, but very serious business. Maybe you and your family are having fun, but believe me, not the rest of us

Meantime, why wasn’t Oliver North’s column on Mr. Obama’s intention to reduce our arms on the front page of Tuesday’s newspaper? Everyone needs to read this and really understand what this would do to our country and the lives of future generations. Mr. Obama has a utopian idea that if we play nice, so will the rest of the world. Really?



What’s in a name?

To the editor:

Regarding the suggestion that we rename McCarran International Airport (Saturday Review-Journal editorial):

My suggestion for naming something after a politician would begin with finding a good, sound, three-hole Porta Potty and calling it the Harry Reid Communications Center.



Social Security

To the editor:

A lot of congressmen are saying the retirements of baby boomers will bring about the end of Social Security. What they fail to say is that a lot of current Social Security recipients are dying each day. Their money will go to the new people. I also do not believe there will be as many baby boomers retiring as Congress says because they lost a great deal of money in their 401(k) accounts and because of foreclosures. These people cannot live on just Social Security. Why not tell the public the truth about Social Security?



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