Graney doesn’t understand what UNLV basketball needs

Ed Graney just doesn’t get it (“Rice keeps promise to return for Senior Day,” Sunday Review-Journal). From the time of Dave Rice’s hiring as UNLV men’s basketball coach, Mr. Graney has been part of the problem with the Rebels’ atrocious record. As the leading sports columnist in the only newspaper in the city, he most certainly has influence.

In covering the team, conducting interviews with players and coaches, and providing commentary and opinion, Mr. Graney’s consistent misapplied focus has engendered an attitude that encourages mediocrity. The powers that be don’t need to, quoting Mr. Graney, “For once, strive to be big time.” That comment typifies all that is wrong with the program.

Those in charge of hiring the next coach already suffer from an intolerable need to have this program recognized as big time, just like the politicians in Las Vegas who drink the Kool-Aid of every Tom, Dick and Harry who serve it to them when discussing the next stadium proposal. The city of Las Vegas and the UNLV basketball program suffer from a huge inferiority complex. Let’s instead focus on being recognized at all, and then we’ll be big time.

When Jerry Tarkanian was hired, striving to be big time wasn’t the focus. Being successful and competitive were more important.

The next UNLV coach needs to instill discipline, accountability and teamwork. He doesn’t have to be “big time.” He just has to have the desire to become a great coach and let others declare his program “big time.”

Tim Todd


Solar mistruths

It appears there are three glaring misrepresentations that have created chaos in Nevada’s rooftop solar industry. The first was NV Energy actively encouraging homeowners to install solar systems, despite the possibility of deep-sixing the net metering program. In the private sector, that is called bait-and-switch.

The second involved NV Energy’s spin department producing a 900-page document pitting nonsolar customers against rooftop solar owners. It is strange that Nevada is the only state to take that ridiculous position. Even NV Energy had to change its tune and recommend a grandfather clause for existing net metering customers, which was then denied by the Public Utilities Commission.

The last misrepresentation comes from the only person who can remedy the situation, Gov. Brian Sandoval, who maintains that he is neutral on the subject. There is no way to remain neutral. This means he is siding with Warren Buffett and the 1-percenters at Berkshire Hathaway and NV Energy. Mr. Sandoval, about 17,000 Nevada families who got burned in this fiasco can see right through your empty suit. It’s time for you to do the right thing and support Nevadans.

Reid Smith

Las Vegas

Hillary Clinton’s email

It seems we are missing the point on the Hillary Clinton email scandal. The issue is not whether she had classified information on her server. The real question is: Why did she have the server in the first place? And I think everyone, whether they admit it or not, knows the answer to that question.

Mrs. Clinton used that server so she could control what information was traced back to her. She used the “there was no classified information on that server” line as an excuse to justify the “no harm, no foul” reasoning she expects everyone to believe. The scary thing is that a large segment of the population will swallow any excuse, no matter how flimsy, in order to ignore this issue.

From “vast right-wing conspiracy” to “spontaneous reaction to a Youtube video” to “I only deleted my emails about yoga class” and “no classified information was sent or received,” all of these statements were proven false. Does Mrs. Clinton really expect us to believe she set up the private server because it was more convenient, rather than to control which of her communications make it into the history books?

Brandon G. Taylor

Las Vegas

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