Happy days are here again thanks to Donald Trump

Since the beginning of the year, the stock market is up approximately 20 percent, the economy is growing at approximately 3 percent annually and unemployment is at a historically low rate. All of this is being accomplished with slim Republican majorities in the U.S. House and Senate.

In addition, I hope very soon, tax cut legislation will be passed in which a majority of hard-working Americans will see more money in their pockets. This is what happens when you adopt policies that put America first and eliminate needless regulations, red tape and bureaucracies.

Contrast this to what occurred approximately seven to eight years ago. With more solid Democratic majorities in both chambers of Congress, the abomination called the Affordable Care Act was passed, which benefited few and hurt many with premiums that quadrupled and deductibles that skyrocketed. The American people were told that they could keep their doctors and that the individual mandate requiring people to purchase health insurance was not a tax. Both proved to be out-and-out lies.

In addition, the stimulus act was passed, which did virtually nothing to jump-start the economy and added trillions of dollars more to our unsustainable debt.

Quite a big difference, wouldn’t you say?

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