Harry Reid again shows his true colors

My congratulations to Harry Reid. After his recent comments regarding the American electorate (“Reid lets loose against Trump,” Saturday Review-Journal), he has shown he has reached the exalted status of a vindictive, bitter senior citizen who does not respect half of the American people.

Loren Terzich

Las Vegas

• I thought that Sen. Harry Reid’s comments relative to president-elect Donald Trump’s election win showed the tremendous shortcomings of Nevada’s senior senator. If all residents of Nevada don’t feel embarrassment and a need to repudiate his comments, then they don’t appreciate the concept of working for the greater good as opposed to for the personal interests of selected people.

Regardless of party, race, religion or any other parameter, President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and others have shown wonderful professionalism and dedication to ensuring we go forward as a nation. Let’s all take a deep breath. Let’s give the system a chance to work or not work. We’ve come a long way in 200 or so years and I believe the best years can still be ahead of us.

Leonard Kreisler

Las Vegas

• No one should be surprised with Sen. Harry Reid’s comments about Donald Trump’s election victory. In my opinion Sen. Reid is one of the most divisive influences in Congress.

But I wish the Review-Journal would have published the remarks of Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, alongside those of Sen. Reid. Sen. Manchin said that Sen. Reid’s statement “attacking President-elect Trump is wrong! It is an absolute embarrassment to the Senate as an institution, our Democratic Party and the nation.”

Sen. Manchin went on to say, “Sen. Reid’s words needlessly feed the very divisiveness that is tearing this country apart. … Unfortunately, there are some who forget that at times like these it is wrong to put party and politics above our country.”

James F. Camburn

Las Vegas

• I was amused to read in Saturday’s Review-Journal that 52 UNLV students needed space to “heal” due to post-election “anxieties.” My first thought was: What is going on with our youth? Then it dawned on me: There is hope for the future. The vast majority of students didn’t attend these forums. Instead, they went about their business like adults, and I applaud them for not buying into this nonsense.

Bruce Feher

Las Vegas

• I find it somewhat amusing to read how many self-proclaimed enlightened left-wing elites are writing tearful letters to their daughters to try to explain their anguish over the election of Donald Trump. They apparently were not given a trigger warning about the possibility of a Trump victory nor are they now being provided a safe place to gather together to come to grips with their loss. Maybe if they were all given a trophy, they might feel better.

I would really like to see their attachments to these letters explaining their undying loyalty to their Democratic patriarch, Bill Clinton, and his sexual escapades, his lying to federal prosecutors and his impeachment and disbarment. I guess that doesn’t count.

But then, I suppose it’s easier for them to just lie to their daughters rather than expose their own hypocrisy.

J.J. Schrader


• If Hillary Clinton calls Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables,” what does she call her supporters who are now rioting in the streets of this country?

Phil McKay

Las Vegas

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