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Hate speech in Carson City

I was in Carson City this week photographing some immigrant youth who had come from Las Vegas, Reno and Carson to lobby for bills concerning their communities. Twice, someone drove a cattle truck scrawled with hateful anti-immigrant messages past the legislative building. As they passed, a woman yelled mean things out the window at the group, which included children, teenagers, college students, adults and elderly people from various countries.

As the descendent of German, Swedish and Irish immigrants, I was embarrassed to see people in our state capital being so rude and hateful to young visitors who were there to exercise their rights. We heard from several of the youth and learned about their families who work in Nevada’s casinos and other industries and who pay taxes and help their kids with school. I wished the people in the truck had taken time to listen.

I think this hate-mongering does not reflect well on ranchers, many of whom depend on immigrant labor. It also doesn’t reflect the kindness and politeness of most of the ranchers I know.

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