Heads should roll over firehouse fiasco

To the editor:

In response to the Tuesday story, “County may sue over flaw at firehouse”:

Talk about shutting the gate after the horse is out. I can not believe our commissioners waited until that station was 95 percent complete before testing the feasibility of maneuvering a ladder truck into the facility.

Don’t blame the architect, blame the ineptness of the local inspectors, et al. for not catching this long before it was discovered that the firemen would have to stop traffic on one of the busiest streets in Clark County so they could back the rig in.

This is sheer stupidity and in my humble opinion some heads should roll.

Bobbie Janice Carson

Las Vegas

Same old theater

To the editor:

District Attorney Steve Wolfson issued decision letters regarding two cases in which citizens died at the hand of local law enforcement officials. I am very concerned but not surprised both were found justified – they always are.

Now that it is clear we can expect the same old theater from our new district attorney, I have a suggestion to save us taxpayers money. Quit the theatrics and just rubber stamp the other 17 pending cases “justified.” No illogical explanations are necessary. Las Vegas citizens are accustomed to the whitewash.

What is that old saying? You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.

Frank Cunningham

Las Vegas

We need help

To the editor:

Thank you for your Monday editorial on the restoration of the Mojave Desert cross. It was very sensible in an unsensible world.

We who are Christian are not trying to force our religion on anyone. We would appreciate it if the atheists would stop trying to force theirs on us. In light of recent events, murders and mayhem – which have become increasingly sadistic and depraved – maybe a little Christianity and/or belief in a God other than themselves would be an improvement.

Personally, I liked this country much better about 60 years ago when we were, for the most part, human beings caring for one another. What I am seeing now makes me wonder if this is a nightmare and I will wake up soon. I certainly hope so.

This was not an issue in my day. People lived and let live. We did not interfere with others’ religion or beliefs. We have come some way on the race issue, but even that is not working as it should. This country needs help – and, in my opinion, only God is the answer.

Mary Carter

Las Vegas

GOP policies

To the editor:

Republicans can’t have it both ways. The first quarter Gross Domestic Product rose 2.2 percent. That was below projections and the Republicans have taken to the airways to say it is unexpectedly low and it is President Obama’s fault.

But The New York Times wrote recently that government spending decreased, “lopping more than half a percentage point off total growth.”

The Republicans continually say that spending is our problem and, by refusing to go along with any of President Obama’s proposals to increase jobs etc., can take credit for the decrease. But, instead, they are critical of the slower growth and blaming President Obama.

Similarly they say low job growth is President Obama’s fault. But, month after month, the employment numbers show private-sector growth and government declines. This again is a direct result of Republican spending policies.

The Republicans should own the results of their programs.

Douglas Fleckner

Las Vegas

Extra point

To the editor:

We have seen White House officials and the president almost dislocate their shoulders patting themselves on the back for killing Osama bin Laden. We have heard time after time what a “difficult” call it was for the president to authorize the attack that ended the terrorists life. Ridiculous. If you surveyed the readers of this paper, 99 percent of them would have gladly and enthusiastically given the go ahead to take out bin Laden.

This reminds me of a football game in which one team is down by six points with seconds to go. The offensive team takes the ball and, with great skill and poise (like our Navy Seals), drives the ball down the field for the tying score as the gun goes off. Then the placekicker (President Obama) comes on the field and boots the point after and tells the world, “I won the game!”

Not buying it, Mr. President. Your entire time in office has been consumed by blaming others for your failures and trying to take the credit from those who really deserve it. To characterize your time in office, it has been a shank to the far left with the American people signaling “no good” next November when we draft another kicker.

Joseph Schillmoeller

Las Vegas

Junk mail

To the editor:

I saw the quote from Sen. Harry Reid in the Sunday Viewpoints section. He said on the Senate floor that “seniors love getting junk mail.”

Does the senator think before he makes that kind of statement or does he just speak to hear himself talk?

As a senior citizen, and one who doesn’t love getting junk mail, I will gladly forward all my junk mail to Sen. Reid. Maybe if he stayed home and read all the junk mail he receives, he wouldn’t keep introducing legislation that is putting us further in debt.

Walt Dybeck

Las Vegas

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