Henderson law discourages potential customers

To the editor:

In spite of the column in Sunday’s Review-Journal (“Low going: Casinos sold for bargains”), the economy in Henderson must really be on the upswing.

As we’ve done for years on our trips out West, last week we pulled our motor home into Sunset Station for a chance to eat, drink and play bingo and the slots. When we got back out late that evening, there were notes on the windshield about Henderson’s “new” ordinance banning RV parking.

Of course, we couldn’t drive anywhere after having had a couple of drinks in their casino.

The following day we were told we had to leave, there would be no leniency, even though the four of us were spending a good deal of money (gambling, buffets, etc.) in their casino. We pointed out that their lots were largely empty in all directions, but that didn’t seem to matter to them.

So Henderson will no longer be on our travel itinerary. The many Indian casinos all welcome RVers, so our gambling dollars will be flowing to them instead.

Carol and Carl Wiesner

Bill and Rita Olesen

Livingston, Texas

Supports Harry

To the editor:

As an active volunteer in the Democratic Party, I have made phone calls to voters in support of Sen. Harry Reid. I have called both party’s voters. With few exceptions, the people I talked to said that they are “sick and tired of all of the negative advertising from both campaigns.” I agree with them.

Unfortunately, I had the same feeling when I read the articles following the Thursday night debate.

With few exceptions, the headlines said things like “Observers: Angle scored more jabs” or “gotchas” than Sen. Reid. While not saying Ms. Angle won the debate, most of the commentary about the debate commended Ms. Angle for landing more punches.

Granted, Sen. Reid is not a dynamic speaker, but he came prepared, albeit with notes, to provide Nevada voters with factual information about projects that are either under way or will be soon that will bring jobs to Nevada. Sharron Angle simply recited her talking points and denials and made “jabs” at Sen. Reid.

Apparently, according to the headline writers, sticking to the facts doesn’t count and jabs and gotcha moments do. In my opinion, Sharron Angle did not offer any solutions to Nevada’s problems, and voting for her is completely irresponsible.

By the way, a lot of the GOP voters who I talked to said they are voting for Sen. Reid.

Lin Henderson

Las Vegas

Misused power

To the editor:

We are told that we should vote for Sen. Harry Reid because he has the power to get things done. That power is what so many of us are concerned about.

The things he has gotten done are predominantly against our wishes and desires — and many of us are concerned about the things he can get done in the future.

In this case, the “power to get things done” is decidedly against the interests of a majority of Nevadans. So let’s take that power away.

Bud Buehler

Las Vegas

Extreme Harry

To the editor:

Let me see if I have this right:

Sen. Harry Reid made a $700,000 profit on the sale of land he hadn’t even owned for years, according to the property deed. He paid his Ritz-Carlton staff Christmas bonuses out of campaign funds instead of personal funds.

He collected more than $68,000 in campaign contributions from Jack Abramoff’s lobbying firm.

Even though the Senate voted 83-7 to block ACORN from bidding on federal grant money, Sen. Reid refused to hold a hearing to investigate their activities. He is on tape adamantly insisting paying income taxes to the IRS is voluntary, refusing to acknowledge the penalty if you don’t.

He told the world “the war is lost,” undermining our brave soldiers. He called then-Sen. Barack Obama a “light-skinned African-American with no Negro dialect, unless he wants to use one.”

He said he could smell the tourists in the Capitol building. He kicked out the C-SPAN cameras to craft the health care bill in secret. His political career is riddled with corrupt, unethical and ignorant actions and statements.

And I’m supposed to believe Sharron Angle is the out-of-touch extremist?

Dan Cerda


Lying Angle

To the editor:

Am I the only one who noticed Sharron Angle told several lies during the debate? Ms. Angle claimed to be “a teacher for 25 years.” According to her own website, as well as several other fact-checking sources, Ms. Angle was in fact a substitute teacher.

After more than 26 years working my way through the public schools as an classroom assistant, school psychologist and finally a special education director, I feel well-qualified in pointing out that a teacher and a substitute are nowhere near the same thing.

As a substitute, Ms. Angle always had the option of not accepting an assignment. She was not responsible for lesson planning, parent-teacher meetings, referring struggling students, serving on school committees, assigning grades or monitoring student progress. I think it’s very clear, Ms. Angle showed up, taught someone else’s prepared lesson and went home as soon as the students were gone.

Ms. Angle is an egomaniacal liar. A vote for Ms. Angle is a vote for lunacy.

Carrie Stanley


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